Ruboni Community Campsite

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Ruboni Community Campsite, Nyakalengijo Cell, Ibanda-Kyanya Town Coucil Kasese

At Ruboni Community Camp, we offer two types of accommodations. Self-contained and non-self-contained. Our bed options are single, twin, or double.

Our self-contained rooms are spacious and have a private bathroom and toilet. These rooms can easily be converted into double beds upon request. Guests in non-self-contained rooms share baths and toilets, with one toilet and bathroom per two rooms.

The non-self-contained rooms are slightly smaller, and we are unable to make double rooms from them.

Our rooms are equipped with beds, bedding, seating equipment, bath soap, towels, bathroom sandals, mosquito netting, electricity with charging outlets, and running water. We currently have hot water in some rooms, while in others we refill the hot water tanks. However, we are currently working on water heaters for all rooms, which will be implemented by 2022.

All of our facilities, including the rooms and restaurant, have balconies overlooking the mountains. This is a popular feature among visitors because it allows them to see the lovely mountains throughout their stay at the lodge.

Dining area.
Our room prices are based on occupancy. Each of the two guests pays the full fee that we charge per person for bed and breakfast. You may view our current prices here. We do not place guests from different groups in the same room. If one guest takes the twin room, we lock the second bed, but the guest simply pays for the one bed taken.

Other areas of interest at the lodge include the restaurant, bar, and parking. The restaurant serves all meals to order from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Meals can be served early or late upon request. Our parking space is secluded and secure at night. It can accommodate 5–7 cars at a time. In most circumstances, it is open to all of our guests and has never been filled.

If you have any more specific queries concerning our accommodations, please contact us.

Product Location Ruboni Community Campsite, Nyakalengijo Cell, Ibanda-Kyanya Town Coucil Kasese, Central Region, Uganda

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