Kalitusi Nature resort

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KALITUSI NATURE RESORT, Kagote Mpanga 07, Kahungabunyonyi

Experience nature.

 It is around two kilometers from Fort Portal, a major tourist site in western Uganda's Rwenzori Mountain foothills. Kalitusi Nature Resort, with 5 private rooms, 3 dormitories, and a large lash yard perfect for a venue or campground, is located on the Mpanga River in a beautiful setting.

We have been entertaining visitors from all over the world since 2017, and we continue to extend a warm welcome to anybody looking for simplicity and comfort in a welcoming and natural environment.

Our sumptuous garden, a serene paradise with a stunning assortment of indigenous flora and bird species, is the principal common area. Our bar provides local beers, and our Farm to Table Restaurant offers a diverse menu of tasty, freshly cooked dishes for vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores. Our agritourism involves rearing exotic birds for meat and eggs, such as Guinea Fowl, Seramas, Asil, Quails, and Ducks, to name a few. We also keep bees and grow chickens and rabbits.

Product Location KALITUSI NATURE RESORT, Kagote Mpanga 07, Kahungabunyonyi, Western Region, Uganda

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